Content And Time Management In Social Media Marketing

Content And Time Management In Social Media Marketing

Marketing is a way to increase the sales and profit of the business men. There are many kinds of marketing present in the society like word-of-mouth marketing, advertising using the televisions, social media marketing.

The social media marketing is the trend on marketing strategy nowadays, because most of the people are connected via social media. In this marketing, the content management and time management are more important.

The contents loaded on the website represent the product specifications and quality. The time management is also important in social media marketing because if we waste time in marketing which will return us toa loss.

Why Content management?

In content management of social media marketing, there are several different methods to keep in mind that are

  • Context to Pinnable images
  • Content consistency
  • Link contents
  • Automated curated content

Context to Pinnable images

When designing Pinterest graphics, make sure that the readers knew that what is inside for them. Separate the images with style of blog graphics. When the photo is removed from the post, there is no frame to refer it.

Content consistency

When loading the content for marketing, make sure that the contents are related to the product sales.

Link contents

The link contents or visible contents are used to link the current page to the next page of the website.

Automated curated content

Creating or curating content can be regulated to the back burner. Schedule a baseline ofcreating content. There are a number of tools for curated contents.

Time management

Even though, we have a good idea and we’re spending more time, we may feel that there simply not enough hours in a day to complete work. Handling the time management is a huge challenge for business men. To know about social media marketing, download internet marketing courses.

6 Tools Used In Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing fields nowadays. There are too many companies available for managing the social media marketing strategies. There is a lot of contents needed for social media marketing. To simplify the job of marketers, there are many tools available in the market. Some of them are,

  • Taco
  • Grammarly
  • Typeform
  • Critics
  • Patch
  • Slim lists for trello

Let’s see the details about these tools.


The taco app helps to combine tasks and tickets from the different places like trello, ever note, and email into one master list. Taco is a free desktop app and it has a google chrome extension. We can use this on mobile also.


Grammarly is a software which works well as an extension for the browser. Download the app for the mac or windows computer, then drag and drop the documents and it will do a spelling and grammar check.


Typeform is used to create cool forms on the web. We can create a questionnaire on the google forms and it has more visually appealing. We can even create a form on a mobile device by the help of this tool.


It’s a great tool to analyze the Facebook groups. It gives the statistics based on the most active members and activity scores. Possible applications could be rewarding engaged group members and give us a public shout-out.


Patch is a small portrait-editing app for iOS systems. It will automatically edit the images and simulates the blurred background effect for the photo stand out quality.

Slim lists for trello

This tool is a chrome extension which is a cool hack for trello users. It is a project management tool which is web based and works for PC and mac.

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