Fast and Furious Flames: Unleashing the Power of the Rapid Heating Hob

Fast and Furious Flames: Unleashing the Power of the Rapid Heating Hob

Featuring a sleek and easy-to-clean facade this hob is also efficient, with a dual flex zone that increases the cooking area and a power boost function for rapid heating. It’s a good choice for stir-frying or boiling a large pot.

Its quick-start mode only heats the pan itself rather than the hob surface and features a lock button for child safety. Its booster mode makes it fast to get to a boil too.

Easy to read display hob

When choosing a hob, it is important to check whether it has an easy-to-read display and controls. The display is important for ensuring that you have the right setting and is not over-using energy, as well as allowing you to set timers. It is also essential to look for a warranty in case of any problems with the hob.

Another key feature of a hob is its power output. Depending on the type of cooking you plan to do, consider a model with a higher power output for quicker heating. This is especially useful if you often cook large stews or casseroles, as these recipes require rapid heating.

Other helpful features of a hob include a bridging zone, which allows you to merge two zones into one larger space for pans of different sizes. You should also ensure that the model you choose has an easy-to-read, responsive control panel. Many of these have touch-controls that can be locked to prevent children from altering settings or switching the hob on. Some hobs also have a pause function, which reduces the power of all the cooking zones for calmer and more controlled cooking. You can also bep dien tu munchen access your hob remotely using your smartphone to receive alerts and check the status of the cooker.

Boosted cooking power

Induction hobs are popular because they’re energy efficient and offer fast heat up times. They work by using a spiral copper coil beneath the cooking surface which is activated when an iron-based magnetic pan is placed on it. The energy is transferred directly to the base of your pan so only what you need is used. The cooking surface also cools quickly so you can use a hot pan without risking burns.

However, these types of hobs aren’t suitable for people with pacemakers as they produce an electromagnetic field that can interfere with some medical devices. This type of hob is also not suitable for use with aluminium or copper pans.

Booster mode offers a fast, intense boost of heat which is ideal for searing meat or bringing water to the boil. Simply select the setting you want to use and turn the control knob until the power symbol P is displayed. This enables the power of the selected zone to be increased by up to 100% and then automatically reduces back to its original level. You can use this feature with any of the cooking zones on your hob and you’ll be able to see how long it has been active. Independent timers can also be found on most hobs and you’ll be able to set one for each cooking zone.

Advanced safety mechanisms

Hobs use high levels of heat so it’s essential that they come with advanced safety mechanisms. This includes residual heat indicators that glow red to let you know the cooking zones are still hot and should be kept away from. These are a must for any kitchen, especially those with children. They can also be combined with heat & time limiters for added security.

A solid plate style electric hob uses a heating element that is covered with a solid metal plate. This type of hob is not the fastest off the mark however it is reliable, affordable and easy to keep clean. It can be slightly trickier to clean than a ceramic or induction hob though as there are multiple surfaces to keep clear, particularly after a boil over incident.

Induction hobs are more advanced and have become increasingly popular due to their efficiency and responsiveness. They work by transferring energy directly between the induction coil and your iron-based magnetic pan base, meaning only the exact amount of power needed is used. This style of hob is also much safer as it doesn’t require a flat base pan. It does, however, require the use of induction-friendly cookware which may add to your overall kitchen costs. You can also find induction hobs that are compatible with conventional gas pans too, but this may be at an extra cost.